by O'hene Savant

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sisternichole Got U All On My Mind is my cut. Favorite track: Got u all on my mind.
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SAE So simple but perfect -- this is the history of flow, all in one two minute tune. Favorite track: Hipstory (Eraz of flow PT2).
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CK1 O.S. is next-level musical and a refreshingly conscious lyricist. Love what he brings to the table. Good for hip-hop. Good for us all. Favorite track: Hipstory (Eraz of flow PT2).
Richard Le Master II
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Richard Le Master II I love this whole entire CD. Tracks that I really connect with are Eraz & Flow pt. 2. Also All in my Feelings, No Fun Anonymous, and the title track !st millennial. His musical prowess soars in this latest birthday gift to our ears. He release free tracks on his birthday this one has taken the cake!!!! Favorite track: Hipstory (Eraz of flow PT2).
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"This album is a celebratory collection of songs that mark my introduction to the world"-O'hene Savant


released March 11, 2016

Os, Dj Simeon, Sheda B & the ancestors.



all rights reserved


Ohene Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Hipstory (Eraz of flow PT2)
Now WHEN it first started
it used to be a party
Djs rocking the club graffiti artist
Mel had the MESSAGE Kurtis had the breaks
and there were many where this first took place
huh Cool Herc, Grand master Caz
man sometimes I wish (I) could go back
But we can NEVER go back co's time keeps going
But I rewind TIME from how I be flowing

You know it
like Kool Moe kid a poet
any era I show it
Hene's here and he's focused
the dopest like Rakim Allah composing
flows to get you open
and now you gotta quote em
The baddest thing since Daddy Kane
you glad he came to trash these lames
take back the game
co's they raps is whack they tracks it lacks impact
in fact these half ass cats need to relax

I relapse
thinking about ways of the 90s
that's the golden era re-member the beats they grimy
ya'll brothers know little cross colors
gimme the mic and I'ma educate folks
Krs-one, cypris hill, Fu Schiknickens
Tribe Called Quest for you pre school niggaz
Illmactic banging out the Walkman dig me
Ya'll swear the 90s only Pac plus Biggie

into the 2000s wit me
new styles of ripping get a few thousand wit me
I do sound like history
if you recall, swizz beat roc that's what it was
Jay-z freeway beans the squad
Dmx would say what that shit was hard
Murder Inc. G unit money and cars
broads in videos 106 park
That Dip SET came pause, tho the era of floss gotta say they
had barz
as quick as it came then it was gone know some what it to stay
but time moves on

And you know that time moves forward
and things change if or not you want it
each era is a culprit, thinking that it's dead but
Hip hop is not over
Co's Hip hop is more than just spittin'
it's culture and culture is living
Although it may seem that it drifting
The saviour is here have no fear I am risen
Hip hop
Track Name: Comedy & tragedy
Bless the planet I came from
And the land I was raised on
That's the ground of my fathers
and the place they took the slaves from
I pirate back from the Pirates
Online attack with the virus
I cyber hack for the righteous
My sight is from my third iris
I plead the blood of Sojourner
Think the thoughts of Nat Turner
Read the gospel of Thomas
So I'm sure that we can go further
Known for teaching y'all greatness
I am reincarnated
Unenlightened will hate this
Face it they stuck in the matrix
Need O just like they need Ne-Yo
Reborn on every Lp tho
Their leaders building torpedoes
Death & pain where they lead folk
They preach the way of destruction
Military production
Spontaneous combustion
Concussion over discussion
Your idols really just idols
Statues that's why they just idle
Chess pieces part of a puzzle
Don't let the fireworks blind you